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Student support services at UWindsor

Published On: Fri, Nov 11th, 2022, 5:09AMLast Updated: Wed, Nov 16th, 2022, 4:03PM1.9 min read
By Published On: Fri, Nov 11th, 2022, 5:09AMLast Updated: Wed, Nov 16th, 2022, 4:03PM1.9 min read

UWindsor students are preparing to head into exam season.

The Lance wants to remind students that  The University of Windsor’s Student Alliance (UWSA) & the Student Success and Leadership Centre (SSLC) run services to help support students.  Below are two of their services; The Peer Support Centre and the Writing Support Desk.

Peer Support Centre (UWSA)

The Peer Support Centre provides a safe space for students to reach out to peer support volunteers and assist with navigating resources. Azza Shurutty, a second-year undergraduate student and volunteer said she enjoys her work at the centre and helping students.

“People always ask for support, and we love providing them with that safe space. Sometimes it is important to talk to someone to unburden your stress.”  The peer support centre also provides resources like sanitary pads, condoms, tampons, colouring books, stress-releasing toys, stationery, and books.  

“Anyone is welcome to walk in and ask for these resources, and we are happy to assist,” says Azza.

The Peer Support Centre keeps information confidential and is open to all students. No appointments are required.

The hours of operation for the center are 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. 

Writing Support Desk (SLCC)

Jason Horn, an academic writing advisor at the writing support desk, says the service’s main goal is to guide students throughout the writing process.

“It helps students with writing, from the introduction to the end. The advisors at the desk provide students templates of writing thesis and research papers that guide the students with formats of writing these papers. Students can schedule virtual and in-person sessions. Jason advises students to form peer groups to support each other’s work as there are times when the resources on campus are unavailable, and that is when your friends can help you with your studies and work.

The hours of operation differ. The website must be used for scheduling appointments.

Student Counselling Centre (SCC)

The student counselling centre provides professional counselling to students. Their professional staff includes licensed psychologists who oversee the mental health of students. The centre offers group therapies, individual counselling sessions, and medical services. Visit the student health and wellness centre to learn more about it. 

Visit the UWSA website to learn more about their services. 

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