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How to lead a stress-free life while balancing work and school?

Published On: Wed, Nov 30th, 2022, 6:58PMLast Updated: Wed, Nov 30th, 2022, 6:58PM3.9 min read
By Published On: Wed, Nov 30th, 2022, 6:58PMLast Updated: Wed, Nov 30th, 2022, 6:58PM3.9 min read

University of Windsor students returned to campus this Fall, as most of the courses were in person.

After three long years of online classes, it has been overwhelming for most students to come back in person. It has been a sudden shift from being able to work from home and study to juggling between work and school in person.
While balancing work and school, students often neglect their health.
In terms of mental health, having too much stress can cause severe problems in the future course of one’s life. We must learn how to manage our stress and take care of ourselves.

“I manage my time by making a timetable and performing yoga every day,” says Karlee, an undergraduate business student. “Yoga helps me relax when I feel overwhelmed with work and school assignments.”

Taking time for ourselves and doing what we enjoy is one of the best ways to take a break. It may be reading a book, performing yoga, dancing, or playing a sport.

Yajur, a second-year engineering student, shared, “I am a resident assistant at the university, and often I am caught up with a lot of work that exhausts me. It sometimes affects my focus while I am studying. So, I conduct a lot of competitions involving games in my workplace to refresh my mind, and it helps me concentrate well on my studies. Recently, I won an inter-RA volleyball competition.”

Another reason for exhaustion is the usage of mobile phones and screens at an alarming rate. But they are used extensively in school and the workplace. Thus, it becomes even more important to be involved in some physical activity to give the body and mind a break. Any physical exercise performed must be regularly performed to embody this good habit. It will help in reducing stress and also help elevate your concentration and energy to balance well between work and school.

A dedicated support system helps people overcome challenges easily and maintain a state of mental well-being. The human connection plays a vital role in improving physical well-being and longevity.
“Whenever I feel overwhelmed with school and work, I [enjoy] spending time with them as they keep me motivated and positive,” says Ayesha. “I also enjoy taking a walk at the riverside.”

Riverside is a hotspot for University students. You may spot students riding bikes, jogging, hanging out with friends, or playing games. It is necessary to go outside and breathe some fresh air. It will give your mind the reboot it requires after accumulating stress. Nature is beneficial for keeping mental health up. It releases unnecessary stress, relaxes the body, and beats loneliness.

Yazdan, a 3rd-year psychology student, says, “I love to [watch] good shows and movies to give myself a break.” Entertaining activities can refresh your mind and preserve your mental health as well as emotional well-being. It will bring happiness into your life. Apart from watching movies and shows, one may adopt habits of listening to music or performing in theatre. Music must be played at a low volume to prevent any hearing impairments. Studies have shown that overuse of headphones while listening to loud music can damage the ear as well as the brain.

“I love to work at places where I have an interest and practice what I learn in school,” says Yazdan. Working in a place where you enjoy working and are a valuable addition can boost your confidence to handle stressful situations in life. Work-life stress should not affect your academics as it may cause a hindrance in your future life path.

Discovering hobbies and taking out time for them is essential. It will keep the mood positive to excel in other important tasks too.

Time management is the key. You must learn the skill of time management to prioritize tasks and remember to give your body and mind a break. Making a calendar or putting reminders may help. A balanced diet with all the required nutrients in a day keeps the body and mind active to perform tasks and take upon the challenge.
Stress is necessary to get the work done and show seriousness. But, it should be in moderation. Excessive stress can lead to burnout and as a result, cause an imbalance between work and study.


Reach out to Student Counselling Centre or Peer Support Centre if you require any assistance with your personal or professional life. 


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