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UWindsor Students Share Their Favourite Spots to Study on Campus

Published On: Wed, Dec 14th, 2022, 1:41PMLast Updated: Wed, Dec 14th, 2022, 1:41PM3.6 min read
By Published On: Wed, Dec 14th, 2022, 1:41PMLast Updated: Wed, Dec 14th, 2022, 1:41PM3.6 min read

The University of Windsor has a number of places to study. On-campus and off-campus choices, as well as individual study and group study, depending on what works best for you.

From popular cafés to undiscovered corners of academic buildings. These students reveal the top study spots at the University in preparation for the fall semester final exams.

Leddy Library

Leddy Library offers a range of study spaces. “My favourite campus study spot is in Leddy library in the West Wing on those leather couches”, says Nawal Jasey, a fourth-year English Literature and Creative Writing student.

“I like to be a little comfortable when I’m studying; it’s hard work so I might as well be comfy! Also, when I see other students studying in the library, it encourages me to study, too so I don’t slack off as much. I procrastinate a lot, so that helps me to stay focused,” Jasey says.

CAW Student Centre

The Student Centre Common area is a top study place, according to Mya Bezaire.

“My go-to study spot for finals is the second floor of the CAW Student Centre,” says Bezaire, a third-year Communication, Media and Film student.

“It is a peaceful space to study and relax, and I love the windows in the space for good natural light. It is also close to food so if I get hungry while studying, I don’t have to go very far to get food”, she says.

E.D. Lumley Centre for Engineering Innovation

Giulia Vilardi, third-year Behaviour cognition and Neuroscience student says the E.D. Lumley Centre for Engineering Innovation is her favourite study spot on campus.

“My favourite spot to study is in the Engineering building, in the section right off to the side from the front doors.”

“It has a lot of natural light and I’m a touch claustrophobic so it makes me a lot more relaxed. It’s also always a great temperature for me, I like my rooms to be more cold than hot and it’s normally always quiet except during the times right after class is let out. This area is also right across from the express Tim Horton’s which is great if you’re a coffee addict like me and need that caffeine to focus your mind on studying. You can also get study snacks (like muffins and fruit) and watch your stuff at the same time.’

Vilardi says food is a must when it comes to studying. “There’s also a lot of food places close by like the Harvey’s across the street or Green Bean a little further down (which makes a great peach lemonade), where you can quickly get a meal then get right back to studying!’’ she says

Toldo Health Education Centre

Toldo Centre is a very central study spot for students

“My favourite study spot has to be the Toldo Building” says Loveive Hall, a fourth-year Communication, Media and Film student.

“It is a fantastic spot for any Windsor student and it is next to the Starbucks Cafe where I can study while I drink coffee.”

“I love the waterfalls, the comfy seating area and the windows let in the perfect amount of sunlight for reading,” she says

Studying at UWindsor is wonderful because there are always places to find a study spot, which means studying is never boring! Spend some time exploring the ones on this list to discover your own personal and favourite study spot. You might find the one that works best for you!

If you need a study guide, check out the Exam Preparation Activity Sheet by the Student Centre and Leadership Centre located at the lower level of Dillion Hall.

Have trouble focusing your attention on your studies? This handout is an excellent resource to help you with different concentration strategies. Concentration Strategies – University of Windsor

The Bounce Back program is also by the university; it is intended to help students who are having difficulty succeeding. This program approaches student success holistically. The program emphasizes how to improve your academic performance through efficient study techniques (such as time management and essay and pays attention to other aspects that cause students problems (i.e. social adjustment, stress, and mental health). If you have any questions or want to register. Email them bounceback@uwindsor.com

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