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UWindsor Student is Making Period Product Accessible on Campus

Published On: Wed, Jan 25th, 2023, 11:27AMLast Updated: Wed, Jan 25th, 2023, 12:32PM2.6 min read
By Published On: Wed, Jan 25th, 2023, 11:27AMLast Updated: Wed, Jan 25th, 2023, 12:32PM2.6 min read

Period Product Partner (PPP) aims to eliminate barriers for people who menstruate, including the monetary concerns that businesses face in trying to help make these products more accessible. They hope to join the community to partner with us to end period poverty.

“I was fortunate to have grown up in a home where my access to period products was never a concern. Whenever I needed a product, they were available to me,” said Malott

It all changed after my dad had a guest on his radio show speaking about Tampon Tuesday, a local fundraiser, said Malott.

“My dad brought me to the event when I was eight. I thought periods were a hush-hush topic. My viewpoint changed at the event. I learned so much about period poverty and how access to period products is not a reality for many in our community. In the span of one evening, I knew I wanted to get involved in making period products more accessible,” Malott shared.

The passion stemmed from this moment, encouraging her to create a motion passed by the Windsor Essex Catholic District School Board to implement coin-free dispensers containing menstrual products at no cost in all WECDSB schools.

Malott is also working with Windsor City Council to launch a pilot program that offers the dispensers in six locations across the city. Malott said that data has been collected and will lead to the implementation of the dispensers in all city locations over the next few years.

Now, Malott’s goal is to provide this service to UWindsor students.

“I will not be comfortable graduating from the University of Windsor before period products are accessible, at no cost to students, in every public setting, including all campus washrooms.”

Cindy Crump, Director of the Student Success and Leadership Centre, believes this initiative is admirable.

“This is such an awesome project, and I’m incredibly impressed by Jada’s leadership. The work that has been done to not only bring awareness to gender inequities but to roll out a solution in our region is the next level,” said Crump

Malott is offering community partners a coin-free menstrual dispenser at a discounted price and will provide stock for free for 1-year.

“This is how we end period poverty by becoming the first city to have menstrual products accessible in schools, city buildings, private businesses, and post-secondary campuses will set the stage for other cities to follow and help make this country period poverty free,” said Malott.

Phebe Lam, Associate Vice President of Student Experience UWindsor and the Belonging, Inclusivity, Diversity and Equity Institute (BIDE), is also working on a menstrual equity project.

“It is currently still in the beginning stages of development,” Lam shared

While still in the early stages, they look forward to providing this service to UWindsor students.

To learn more about Jada Malott’s efforts in menstrual equity and Period Product Partner, you can contact Period Product Partner on Facebook or Instagram @periodproductpartner and if you wish to donate to Period Product Partner, you can also DM on Instagram or Facebook.


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