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Looking Back, Looking Forward

Published On: Sun, Feb 12th, 2023, 5:46PMLast Updated: Sun, Feb 12th, 2023, 5:46PM2.7 min read
By Published On: Sun, Feb 12th, 2023, 5:46PMLast Updated: Sun, Feb 12th, 2023, 5:46PM2.7 min read

UWindsor president Robert Gordon says the University of Windsor is focused on improving the student experience at the University of Windsor.  

The strategic plan for the university is the guiding piece for the next five years and currently is in its final stage of document review and feedback.  


“We have received significant feedback and there is still an opportunity for others to visit the Aspire website and provide some feedback on the documents and direction,” added Dr. Gordon. 

Aspire: Together for Tomorrow is the planning process of the University of Windsor’s next strategic plan. UWindsor community and other members from the Windsor-Essex region are encouraged to stay engaged with the changes and provide their input to be a part of this change. 

Looking Back 

“UWindsor is a research university. During the pandemic year, 2021, the university accessed $2.6 million in MITACS funding to directly support student-based research without institution,” informs Dr. Gordon. 

In 2022, there were 1,435 paid work placements and 1,004 ignite paid internships for the students at the university. This is a 65% increase since 2017.  

“It Matter That You Are Here” is a program established in 2022, that focuses on suicide prevention and encourages students to lead a healthy lifestyle. 1200 students attended Flip the Script sexual assault resistance education and Bystander initiative in 2022. 

The student experience is the core of all the work done at the university.  

The UWindsor library sees 4300 daily visitors. The library consists of study rooms, group study rooms, wellness spaces, break rooms, and silent rooms for students to enjoy learning according to their own preferences.  

The university established the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities in 2022 to promote anti-racism and anti-oppression activities across campus. 

Looking Forward 

UWindsor has a property at 23 Sunset Avenue which will soon be a place dedicated to indigenous people. It will provide a safe space for all students who belong to the indigenous community. This plan aims to provide a welcoming environment on campus.  

In the coming weeks, UWindsor students will begin training towards anti-indigenous racism and cultural safety under the leadership of Dr. Beth Jacobs 

The University will be soon launching Black Studies Institute with courses that will talk about Black history. The university is currently celebrating Black History month which focuses on teaching other communities about the history and culture of African-descent people.  

“We acknowledge, recognize, and honour the significant leadership contribution of people of the African diaspora in Canada. Celebrating Black History Month is one of many initiatives that promote the equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment of the university,” said Dr. Gordon. 

The University of Windsor Law Building will be opening in Spring 2023. This project was started in 2019 and is now near completion.  

“One of the guiding principles behind the Transformation Windsor Law Project is to increasable building space in a way that puts the student experience at the centre and that supports dynamic teaching, research, experiential learning, and service,” said Christopher Waters, Dean of Law faculty. 


(Photo Published on: April 1st, 2022; Credits: University of Windsor, ” Transforming Windsor Law Construction Photos”)

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