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University of Windsor graduates embrace graduation as they begin to prepare for their life after university

Published On: Wed, Mar 22nd, 2023, 12:42PMLast Updated: Wed, Mar 22nd, 2023, 12:42PM4.3 min read
By Published On: Wed, Mar 22nd, 2023, 12:42PMLast Updated: Wed, Mar 22nd, 2023, 12:42PM4.3 min read

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The end of university signifies the dissolution of a framework students adhered to for four years. Students now have the freedom to create new goals after graduating, which presents them with a fantastic opportunity to discover more about themselves.

Natalie Cusinato, an honours English major student says she plans to attend the University of Windsor’s Law Program and hopes to practice law in the Windsor-Essex community.

“I am excited to learn about all areas of law throughout my law school career but I am mostly interested in family law”

Cusinato shares, “I hope to be a practicing lawyer but more importantly, I firmly believe in the necessity of communal and diverse access to legal resources and I hope to be a part of a legal movement towards making legal resources more available and accessible.”

Natalie Cusinato says the years spent at the University of Windsor were amazing and it was a supportive learning environment.

“As a transfer student from the University of Toronto, I found that University of Windsor was a welcoming environment. It made me more aware of the importance of mental health access and community initiatives in academic environments.”


Daphne Chen, an international student from Malaysia majoring in international relations with a minor in economics says she wants to work as a policy analyst.

“I majored in international relations because I wanted to help people on a macro scale. Overall, I plan to follow up with my childhood social justice dream of doing just that. Through analyzing policies to ensure it’s as effective as possible, or work with vulnerable people to connect them to necessary resources. Either way I do hope my degree leads me to that path,”

Chen advises incoming and current UWindsor students that time management is very important.

“Time management, discipline, and courage are pretty important. You have to learn how to prioritize your time, or you’ll be running late or forgetting things constantly. Motivation is overrated and you need discipline to get things done, even when you don’t want to because due dates wait for no one”

Chen says, “courage is important too or at least for me because I have always been scared of social settings but trying to put myself out there led me to meet so many lovely people who I can’t imagine my life without and enjoy experiences I don’t think I would have done if I never went out. But learn to go at your own pace and don’t rush! Burnout is real and gross.”


Jaydlin Spooner, a communication, media and film major says she is headed to Toronto in the fall to further pursue a Master’s degree in Communication and Culture.

She is spending her summer working to save money.

“I am planning towards building a career in the communications sector of the sport industry after I get my master’s degree, with the goal of creating more equitable experiences in sport for at-risk and/or marginalized youth,” Spooner says

Spooner says the process of making a professional resume and cover letter is not as easy and stress free as it sounds.

“It was tiring, especially since there are many sources insisting that their cv format was the only “respectable” or “practical” option. After spending a day combing through options and selecting the best one, it took me another couple of days to have peers review it and to refine and edit the document for clarity. The process ended up being worth it, as I came out of it with a strong cv/resume, however, it certainly wasn’t as easy or stress-free as it sounds”

“I enjoyed the years I spent at UWindsor, I played varsity hockey for four years on the Lancers women’s hockey team was definitely a life-changing and incredible experience. The communications department was so supportive. The close-knit nature of our program and our professor’s genuine care for their students is something I really enjoyed and benefited from during my years at UWindsor,” Spooner shares


Tina Ighorewo, a social work student minoring in women and gender studies says she plans to work with immigrants and Black youth.

“I plan to work within my field after I graduate! I want to specifically work with the immigrant/newcomer population, or with Black Youth.”

Ighorewoo is taking a year off before applying for her Master’sof Social Work.“My ultimate goal is to own a private practice and to have my own clients.”

Ighorewo says she had the best experiences at the University of Windsor with all the genuine friendships made.

“I enjoyed meeting and creating so many genuine friendships and connections with people, including my professors as well! I am so thankful for all of them, as they have made my university experience so much better and less stressful too and I also enjoyed going out to the different sporting events and cheering on our lancer teams as well.”

The University of Windsor Career and Development Experiential Learning has workshops to help graduates and soon to be graduates.Learn how to compose powerful, effective resumes that employers will notice.


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