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UWSA Student Life Candidate Regains Position after Disqualification

Published On: Wed, May 17th, 2023, 11:18AMLast Updated: Wed, May 17th, 2023, 1:17PM2.2 min read
By Published On: Wed, May 17th, 2023, 11:18AMLast Updated: Wed, May 17th, 2023, 1:17PM2.2 min read
  1. The University of Windsor Student Alliance reinstated Veronica Beia as the Vice President of Student Life. In March, they disqualified Beia from the election for violating the campaigning rules. A reason was not cited. 

This left students wondering why she was disqualified.  

“After going through the post, I was confused and went through the bylaws to confirm if there was a breach. Veronica handled the situation so maturely, but I was impatient as we worked so hard in the campaigning. I hoped for a proper explanation,” said Sadiya Ahmad, a member of Beia’s campaigning committee. 

Beia won by 794 votes, 340 votes more than her opponent Helene Pargov. On March 15, the runner-up candidate Pargov was appointed interim VP of Student-life by the majority two-thirds vote of the organization’s legal team, Electoral Committee, Chief Returning Officer CRO), and UWSA Board of Directors, until the end of 2023-2024 UWSA By-Elections in Fall 2023.  

“While the details of the initial disqualification cannot be shared in order to protect the confidentiality of all parties involved, we remain committed to transparency and the democratic process,” announced UWSA in their notice released on their official Instagram account. 

“My Instagram DMs were flooded. The news was shocking not only to me but to many. For me, sticking to the truth of what I knew was important in order to stray from all false narratives,” stated Beia. 

On May 2, UWSA released another notice on their official Instagram account stating the formation of a newly constituted Elections Committee while reviewing the misconduct allegations put upon Beia.  

“The reconstituted Elections Committee released their ruling, which found that based on the evidence presented by Ms. Beia had not committed misconduct as it is defined under the UWSA Election Policy,” mentioned the notice. The notice further announced forwarding Beia’s name as the UWSA Vice President of Student Life. 

“It’s restored my faith in the council to a certain extent now,” said Ahmad.  

“Justice is made. I am relieved. Things happen, but eventually turn out fine, somehow, someway,” said Beia.  

Beia added, “I was fortunate to have met incredible people whom I may now call friends. They and my campaigning team kept me grounded during this time.”  

Beia plans to execute the goals she had earlier stated during her campaigning: community, student engagement, and inclusivity.  

“I would like to partner with businesses locally and beyond to host exciting and unique events on campus, increase student engagement with clubs and societies, and make sure student voices are heard,” stated Beia while mentioning her goals for her tenure as the VP of Student Life 2023-2024.  

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