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The Lance looks at how students are spending their summers- Part 2

Published On: Thu, Jul 20th, 2023, 5:58PMLast Updated: Thu, Jul 20th, 2023, 5:58PM2.9 min read
By Published On: Thu, Jul 20th, 2023, 5:58PMLast Updated: Thu, Jul 20th, 2023, 5:58PM2.9 min read

The part-2 of this article will feature more UWindsor students and how they are spending their summer.  

 Ethan Myers  

Ethan Myers is a year-2 undergraduate student pursuing Aeronautics. He is a member of the track team, usually spending his time training. Myers enjoys continuing his track practice during the summer as well. 

During the summer, Myers enjoys spending time with friends and family in Toronto. “My cousin-in-law and I went downtown to get food in the middle of the night and basically lost track of time not getting home until 3 am,” said Myers. 

Myers suggests visiting “Riverside and Malden Park. If you are in the Windsor-Essex area.” 

Myers has a few summer destinations on his bucket list that he would love to explore. “I would love to visit Cancun, Mexico for its beaches, Hawaii for its nature and culture, California, Italy because I love Italian food, and Ibiza to party.” 

 Arya Patel 

“I usually spend my summer vacations discovering other cultures sampling local food and immersing myself in the sounds of location. This makes the memories last,” said Arya Patel.  

Patel is a year-3 Psychology student. She is an international student from Saudi Arabia and loves to make a stop there during the summer. “I receive familiarity and comfort after reconnecting with my family and friends and it also provides me a break from the university life,” said Patel.  

Patel recalls visiting Driyah, Saudi Kingdom with her family recently. “We visited the UNESCO-listen At-Turaif area and learned about the region’s legacy. Our next stop was Riyadh, Saudi Arabia’s cultural capital. This vacation assisted me in discovering my homeland’s hidden beauties and different landscapes,” said Patel.  

For people currently in Windsor, Patel suggests Point Pelee National Park for hiking, biking, birdwatching, and enjoying nature. She also suggests Bourbon Tap and Grill for a great pizza and wine. 

 Yajur Chaturvedi 

Yajur Chaturvedi is a 2nd-year undergraduate Electrical Engineering student. He is currently doing his co-op in Windsor during the summers. So, he is unable to travel back to his home country, India. However, Chaturvedi makes it a point to spend his free time with friends. 

“Whenever I am free, I hang out with my friends and explore new places. Some places I will recommend are Belle River, Sandpoint Beach, Ojibway Park, Lake Erie, Point Peele, and Riverside,” said Chaturvedi.  

Yajur recalls a fun event that recently happened at the river. “Me and my friends were walking by the riverside, and we saw a man singing and taking song requests. It was a fun time, people were cheering and dancing, and we all had fun,” said Chaturvedi. 

 Vaishnavi Ahluwalia 

“This summer, I have enrolled in some part-time summer courses, but I also spend time going to the gym and trying to cook new dishes,” said Vaishnavi Ahluwalia.  

Ahluwalia is a year-3 undergraduate Computer Science student. 

Ahluwalia is currently in Windsor but travels to Toronto during the weekends to meet her friends and explore the city. “Toronto makes me so excited since there is so much to do,” said Ahluwalia.  

“When in Windsor, some great brunch spots are TOAST, Dog’s Breakfast, and Twisted Apron,” added Ahluwalia.  

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