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EPICentre’s Connect For: Holiday Swap Fosters Sustainability and Community Spirit at the University of Windsor

Published On: Fri, Nov 24th, 2023, 3:55PMLast Updated: Thu, Nov 30th, 2023, 3:52PM2.4 min read
By Published On: Fri, Nov 24th, 2023, 3:55PMLast Updated: Thu, Nov 30th, 2023, 3:52PM2.4 min read

The University of Windsor Entrepreneurship, Practice, and Innovation Centre (EPICentre) is collaborating with the International Student Centre (ISC) and the University of Windsor Students’ Alliance (UWSA) Food Pantry to host an event called Connect For: Holiday Swap. 

The event is on Thursday, December 7th, from 4 pm to 6 pm, and they are inviting students, faculty members, and the community to participate.  

How does it work? 

Between Monday, November 27th and Monday, December 4th, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, you can visit the EPICentre office and donate up to five gently used items such as clothing, books, home décor, accessories, kitchenware, school/office supplies, and unopened products. Upon donating your items, you will receive a voucher for each object that you can use to claim up to five items for free on Thursday, December 7th.  

The drop-off location for donations and the main event will be on the 2nd floor of the Joyce Entrepreneurship Centre (across Odette). 

According to EPICentre’s Marketing and Special Projects Coordinator, Layan Barakat, this event is a unique opportunity to give unused items a second chance or a new home, contribute to the high levels of waste around the holidays, and put into exercise circular economy practices.  

“As we look to embed responsible consumption of resources (UNSDG Goal 12) throughout the campus, the EPICentre’s Holiday Swap is an initiative which will not only reduce waste going to landfills but provide community members, specifically students, with access to a variety of school and household items for free,” said Sustainability Officer, Nadia Harduar.  

No items to donate?  

If you do not have anything to donate, do not worry! You can bring up to five non-perishable food items and receive a voucher for each item. With each voucher, you can choose one object to swap. All food donations will go to the UWSA Food Pantry.  

The UWSA Food Pantry recommends donating canned or fresh vegetables, loaves of bread, and menstrual/hygiene products, as they go very quickly. 

Nadia Harduar, Sustainability Officer, encourages us to support our local food banks and charities past this event. “Rethink before you throw items because donations year-round are always encouraged.” 

At the end of the event, all unclaimed donations will go to the ISC. 

ISC’s Office Coordinator, Krista Schneider, shares her excitement and encourages the international student body to join. “This event is an opportunity to come together in a mutually beneficial way. It promotes sustainable and budget-friendly “shopping,” especially for international students facing financial challenges. I hope to see a lot of students there enjoying this exciting event!” 

EPICentre’s Campus & Engagement Community Coordinator, Lauryn Bodde, communicates her excitement to see the collaboration between various organizations on campus for this event. “EPICentre’s goal is to provide support and cultivate community across campus. With faculty and students leading the way, this event showcases our Lancer’s generosity.”  

For more details about the event, visit EPICentre’s event page: https://www.epicentreuwindsor.ca/event/connect-for-holiday-swap/.  

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