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The Extensive Influence of Campus Cybersecurity

Published On: Sun, Dec 3rd, 2023, 5:37PMLast Updated: Sun, Dec 3rd, 2023, 5:37PM3 min read
By Published On: Sun, Dec 3rd, 2023, 5:37PMLast Updated: Sun, Dec 3rd, 2023, 5:37PM3 min read

Some university students reflect on their encounters with cyber threats in a digital connectivity landscape.

Ayesha, a 4th-year Biological Sciences student, recalls a campus-wide cyber-attack during the summer of 2022 that disrupted the university’s main web pages. “The recent attacks in the hospitals reminded me of when I was in the middle of my summer semester a year ago. The campus cyber-attack impacted the university’s main web pages as well as Uwinsite. It was very frustrating as I could not access essential information for my courses and tuition.”

Christian Pitre, a Biochemistry alumnus, experienced challenges during the same campus cyber-attack. He mentioned how he was worried the result of the outbreak would “might extend into our systems and bank accounts.”

Ayesha further shares her experience of receiving emails prompting her to provide her banking information for a fake job offer. “A mass email was sent out to students promising a job proposal somewhere in the USA. I was naive, so I, along with other students, sent in my phone number and personal information.”


Ayesha later received a text with a link to confirm the information and stated that she didn’t click the link and but later reported the incident to IT services.

“I was glad I didn’t click on it. After that incident, I received a couple more scam job offers on my personal email, but learned to report them and stay alert.”

Fake job offers aren’t the only type of cybercrime students have been confronted with. First-year student Abdullah shares a time when he had received a fake UPS postal service email.

“I was instantly suspicious since I don’t ever use UPS services. I verified the sender by clicking on their profile picture, and I instantly knew it wasn’t actually UPS based on the fake email address.” He adds, “I was so close to clicking on the link they sent, but I’m glad I took the time to verify the sender’s information. It can really save us a lot of stress and time if we just take a couple of minutes to analyze the details of what we are sent.”

Navigating the realm of cybersecurity, Dina, a third-year student, adopts a cautious approach—a sentiment mirrored by Christian, who implemented proactive measures in the aftermath of the 2022 campus incident. Dina’s avoidance of public networks and use of a VPN, combined with Christian’s implementation of measures like antivirus software post-cybersecurity disruption, reflects a shared recognition of individual responsibility. Christian further emphasizes, “The incident underscored the critical need for proactive cybersecurity measures, both on a personal level and institutionally.”

Nursing student Dami Olorunfemi emphasizes how two-factor authentication serves as a crucial barrier between students’ data and from potential threats. “I find it very helpful because it helps me have peace of mind that there is an extra layer of security for my personal data.” She further adds, “I truly believe that personal data is a hot commodity in this era, and apart from not wanting my identity stolen, I am more wary of how my data can be traded, resulting in me receiving unsolicited adverts.”

To inform students to protect their student accounts, the University of Windsor Information Technology services advise on their website, sharing both mobile and computer care tips:


  • Make sure to lock, sign out, and shut down after using University computer devices
  • When accessing public Wi-Fi, use the University’s GlobalProtect VPN
  • Set up a pin on mobile devices, as well as enable auto-lock when the device is inactive
  • Activate and maintain with antivirus software
  • Install Endpoint Protection software to protect against malware and viruses

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