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Tampon Tuesday Sparks Activism and Community Involvement at UWindsor in Addressing Period Poverty

Published On: Thu, Mar 14th, 2024, 3:14PMLast Updated: Thu, Mar 14th, 2024, 3:20PM3.2 min read
By Published On: Thu, Mar 14th, 2024, 3:14PMLast Updated: Thu, Mar 14th, 2024, 3:20PM3.2 min read

Jada Malott, a second-year Political Science student, helped gather 196 boxes of menstrual products for the University of Windsor’s Tampon Tuesday initiative. 

Malott, the youth initiatives lead, runs the Tampon Tuesday initiative to Uwindsor through the United Way program. 

Tampon Tuesday is a yearly event where high schools and universities collect sealed menstrual products, such as pads and tampons, to distribute to those experiencing period poverty. 

The initiative encourages activism, awareness, and community involvement to address menstrual hygiene accessibility in Windsor-Essex. 

Malott introduced Tampon Tuesday from The United Way program to her high school in grade nine. 

“I noticed what kind of positive impact it had on our community and how it cultivates an entire generation of kids that think differently about period poverty.”  

Malott’s goal is to bring the topic of period poverty into light, calling students of all genders to join in hopes of breaking the stigma of the topic. 

“Menstruation matters. With a capital MEN at the beginning. Tampon Tuesday is not just about women and people who menstruate. We need men and all others who don’t have a period to be involved in understanding the root of period poverty, what it’s doing to our community and what we need to do to achieve gender parity.” 

Malott and her partner Alex Penstone helping with donations.

Karma Joshi, a third-year computer science student shares how as a man, he notices that period poverty seems to be a topic men shy away from. 

“I feel that it is essential to talk about since it will always be a part of life. So, any chance to learn more to break the taboo should always encouraged.” 

This year, Tampon Tuesday’s impact was extended over three days at the University, creating an opportunity for donations and community engagement. 

The donation drive provided students with the opportunity to enter a raffle sponsored by the Alumni Association.  

The sponsored raffle offers enticing prizes, including eight $100 Campus Bookstore gift cards, six $50 Starbucks cards, and six $50 Tim Hortons cards. 

Malott notes, “Tampon Tuesday thanks the Alumni Association for donating $1500 to be able to provide generous incentives for the initiative.” 

Carole Obeid, Director of Operations from the Alumni Association, says the program is a significant initiative the Alumni Association stands behind. 

 “Tampon Tuesday serves as a poignant reminder of period poverty and the challenges many individuals face in accessing menstrual products.” 

Obeid also highlights the meaningful nature of the donations, expressing, “These donations hold significant meaning for us as an association, signifying our commitment to supporting students in need and ensuring that everyone has access to essentials for their well-being.”  

The University’s Womxn Centre, an advocate for educating the UWindsor community on women’s physical, economic, social, and mental conditions, also takes an active role in providing students with essential period products. 

Jaime Nemett, a volunteer at the Womxn Centre, expresses her enthusiasm for yet another campus initiative promoting the donation of menstrual products. 

 “Donating period products is so important, especially since they aren’t a commonly donated item in food banks. Periods are natural, and ensuring access to products is essential in protecting an individual’s quality of life.” 

Nemett further shares the urgency for others to educate themselves on the topic to break stigma.  

“Everyone should be involved in some way. You don’t have to donate, but educating yourself on products and privilege is the first step into normalizing something that has historically been considered ‘unclean’.” 

Although Tampon Tuesday is an annual event, Malott encourages students to always donate when they can beyond the event.  

“Donate whatever you can, as long as the products are sealed. Tampons, pads, and diva cups are all accepted. You will be helping somebody even if you don’t know them.” 

The winners of the raffle will be announced tomorrow at 11:05 on AM, 800 CKLW Radio. 

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