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The Lance is Hiring Student Journalists

The Lance is hiring two new journalists. It is an in-person and remote contract position for approximately 4-months. The deadline to apply is January 30, 2023. All applicants must apply by sending their resume, cover letter and a sample of their work (if applicable) with the subject line “Journalist Application – The Lance” to Reporting to the News Director, The Lance Journalist is responsible for the composition of news stories that are objective, balanced, pertinent and without bias to students at the University of Windsor and the wider community. This includes covering on-campus events, elections, administration meetings, sporting events,

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Student-run fundraiser in support of Ukraine

A UWindsor student from Ukraine has organized a fundraiser in support of humanitarian needs on Thursday, April 7. Anna Kashkina is an exchange student from Ukraine and is running the event. Today's event will host a variety of Ukrainian foods and crafts for purchase by donation, including dumplings, cupcakes, jewelry, door hangings, floral head wreaths, sunflower seed packets, and flowerpots, with the proceeds benefiting humanitarian efforts. The event is being held at Canterbury college, at 2500 University Ave. West.

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UWindsor Professors Publish Love Stories

Written by: Serafina Piasentin André Narbonne and Peter Hrastovec, two beloved University of Windsor professors, explore the simple beauties and struggles of budding love in their upcoming books, Lucien & Olivia and There Will Be Fish. Lucien & Olivia is a comedic love story that follows the pre-modern enemies to lover’s arc of marine engineer Lucien and philosophy prodigy Olivia. Mutual animosity evolves into complicated emotions that result in even “professors enjoy[ing] a good cry” (Narbonne). Drawing from his own experiences in the marine, Narbonne bridges the gap between fiction and reality, noticing love’s existence in both. “It is the

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How student voters are impacting Federal elections

It was an ordinary day for Grant Connolly, 23, a University of Windsor student on his way to cast an advanced ballot in the 2021 federal election. Accompanied by his family, Connolly said he was excited to cast his vote in Belle River, Ont. knowing he was completing his civic duty as a Canadian citizen. “I felt like I am exercising my right as a Canadian citizen,” said Connolly. “The fact that we live in a country that my vote can be heard ... every vote matters and every vote counts.” An issue which really pushed Connolly to the polls

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The Lance is back: what does it all mean?!

Well, 2021 has been quite a year, hasn’t it? We here at The Lance are COVID conscious, as we all must be. It is difficult to publish a student newspaper, even online, when reporters can’t cover stories when the campus is semi-closed. But we have been building a new Lance that covers and reflects the UWindsor community in these COVID-19 times. So, welcome to The Lance, UWindsor's student newspaper, featuring a new site that we hope to build as we go, and featuring a new cast of characters bringing you the news at the U. Our vision is an online

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Dealing with Adult Learning Disorders

By: Skyla Baker Throughout our educational career, there are supports available for those of us with learning disorders. But what happens after school, when someone with a learning disorder, enters the workforce? Are there supports available or even the understanding necessary for someone with a learning disorder to contribute and be productive on the job? This semester I will be talking with students, educators, and people dealing with a learning disorder while building successful careers. Along the way, I will highlight coping mechanisms, different methods of learning, and the support systems available for students with these issues as they transition

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