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Windsor Pediatrician is now a Canadian Senator

Image source: Senator Sharon Burey ( Canada has a new Senator, and she is from Windsor.   Sharon Burey has been a Windsor-based pediatrician for the last 30 years and was fully booked when she received the news of her appointment.   Canada has not had a senator from Windsor in 40 years. Burey described herself as not politically connected but motivated to apply due to a recent push for reform within the senate. Specifically on giving voice to underrepresented groups such as women and visible minorities. This encouraged Burey, who had immigrated to Canada from Jamaica back in 1976, to put

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Windsor Symphony Orchestra hosts World Premier

Image credit: Capitol Theatre | Windsor Symphony OrchestraEducation & Community Partners ( The University of Windsor-based choir will perform with the Windsor Symphony Orchestra (WSO) at the Capitol Theatre, downtown this weekend.  The concert is titled ‘World connections through Music’ and features the work of two noted performers. The first is the work by Iranian-British composer Farhad Poupel, titled ‘The Legend of Bijan and Manijeh’, drawn from a 10th century Persian epic poem titled Shahnameh.   This weekend’s performance is its world premier. According to the WSO website, Farhad Poupel describes the structure as ‘the battle between dark and light’’

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UWindsor’s Faculty of Law collaborates with the Canadian Red Cross to host conference on Urban Warfare

The University of Windsor’s Faculty of Law will be hosting a conference with the Canadian Red Cross titled: War in Cities: An International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Perspective.   The conference will focus on Urban Warfare. It is a free, public conference held at Canterbury College. It features experts and academics to teach about the pressing issues surrounding International Humanitarian Law.  Urban warfare has been a common feature of many conflicts since the second world war. It is estimated that about 50 million people today suffer the consequences of such warfare- from Ukraine to Syria to Armenia to the Philippines. The

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Opinion Piece: Supreme Court decides on the definition of consent, part II: The Ruling.

Last year, I wrote an article about a case before the Supreme Court of Canada regarding the definition of sexual consent. The question was: is consent to protected sex separate from consent to unprotected sex? On July 29, the court ruled, yes. The case is called R v. Kirkpatrick. Ross Kirkpatrick was accused of sexual assault because he didn’t wear a condom when his partner asked him to. Removing or not putting a condom on behind a partner’s back is known as 'stealthing'. The incident happened in March 2017, when the complainant (Jane Doe) met Kirkpatrick on Tinder and decided

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Roe v Morgentaler part 2

(Image: Windsor regional hospital metropolitan campus, credit to Blackburn News) On June 24, 2022, the ruling became official. In a 6-3 decision (Sotomayor, Kagan and Breyer dissented), they ruled in Dobbs v Jackson that the 1973 landmark decision protecting abortion rights across the United States was unconstitutional, and thus the matter was returned to the states.  The premise of the decision is essential that a) abortion is not mentioned in the constitution, and b) since it’s such a controversial topic, only the people and their elected representatives can decide on it. This decision has simultaneously given the power to the

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Opinion Piece: Roe vs Morgentaler Part 1

(Image of the current justices on the US Supreme Court bench. Top row left to right: Brett Kavanaugh, Elene Kegan, Neil Gorsuch, Amy Coney Barett. Bottom: Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, Chief Justice John Roberts, Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor. Image credit to the New York Times) Roe v Morgentaler   You have likely heard the news: Roe vs Wade is about to be overturned  Last month, the Supreme Court of the United States had a draft ruling leaked to Politico magazine, regarding the constitutionality of abortion regulation in the state of Mississippi. This essay will have two parts: the first part will

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The City of Windsor is getting an electric vehicle battery plant: here’s what that means for the University.

Earlier this month, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ontario Premier Doug Ford came to Windsor to attend an announcement by Stellantis, regarding new investments for the Windsor Assembly Plant and the recently announced battery plant set to be built in Windsor.   Background  The European Automaker Stellantis and South Korean battery manufacturer announced in March they would invest in a $4.9 Billion electric battery plant in Windsor, Ontario. This is the first plant of its kind in the entire country. It is set to provide 2500 jobs at the plant alone, plus 10,000 ‘spin-off jobs’.  It will be constructed at

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UWindsor to host Inaugural Transnational Moot Court Competition

On March 26th and 27th, 2022, The Faculty of Law at the University of Windsor and The University of Detroit Mercy School of Law is hosting the inaugural “Canadian and American Transnational Law Moot”. The Transnational Moot competition is a historic milestone for the Dual JD program, which is the only comparative law program of its kind in North America, where law students can obtain both a Canadian and American JD in only 3 years.  For those who are not familiar, a Moot Court Competition is a co-curricular activity, in which participants take part in oral advocacy in a simulated

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On our doorstep – local experts weigh in on the fallout of the Ambassador Bridge Blockade

University of Windsor expert panellists gathered to engage in an in-depth discussion of the Ambassador Bridge blockade in early March. They discussed health policy freedom of expression to political and economic ramifications.   Below are a few of the key points from the discussion:   On Health Policy, and whether the mandates were worth it.   Professor Bill Bogart commented about the difficulty of the vaccine mandates. At the time of the truckers' mandate (effective January 15, 2022), 90% of the truckers were vaccinated. The issues were raised by a determined, organized minority.  It still begs the question if the mandates were

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NATO and the UN need to force a ceasefire around Kyiv- NOW

Opinion Piece by: Alexander Bishay The Russian invasion of Ukraine began on Thursday and 36 hours later, their armies have entered the outskirts of Kyiv. The Ukrainian armed forces have been putting up a steady fight but as the war comes to the city of 3 million, a humanitarian catastrophe is looming.   The city of Kyiv is the 7th most populous city in Europe, with 2.9 million people. About 100,000 have evacuated the city so far, but the blitzkrieg nature of Russia’s invasion means that most civilians did not have the time or resources to evacuate the city before the tanks

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