OPINION: Table Tennis Should be a Varsity Sport

by: Derek Marshall When is the last time the University of Windsor, or U Sports for that matter, added a new competitive varsity sport to the lineup? No seriously, I’m asking, because I don’t know, and it is hard to pin down an exact date. Nonetheless, it is safe to say that it has been a while, especially considering the rate at which society is constantly evolving. To the outside observer, the university sports menu looks stagnant.  It feels like the same 12 varsity sport offerings have remained constant through time. So, it is time to mix things up. U

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The Grand Return to Sport

by: Derek Marshall As the saying goes, you don’t really know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Many members of the University of Windsor community find this to be true when it comes to Lancers sports. The COVID-19 pandemic has sidelined the traditional sport competitions that are usually part of the campus buzz. It’s contributed to this dearth of campus experience – we all feel it, not just the students. Looking forward, however, this break from varsity athletics may result in a revitalized appreciation for campus athletic competitions.  Could this be a rare silver lining in what’s been a pretty

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Look Out for Esports

by: Derek Marshall While the COVID-19 pandemic has functionally limited the vast majority of Lancer varsity teams for past year, a new team has emerged amidst the restrictions. From the beginning of the fall semester, Lancer Gaming, the University of Windsor’s esports team, has been the only university team competing against other academic institutions. For those that aren’t aware, esports is the term used to describe the world of competitive, organized video gaming. Lancer Gaming competes against 16 other teams in the Ontario Post-Secondary Esports (OPSE) organization. OPSE is comprised of provincial universities and colleges. The organization has $24,000 in

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Restricted Assessment: Recruitment Amidst the Pandemic

by: Derek Marshall The recruitment of student-athletes can be a daunting task for varsity coaches during a normal year, let alone during a global pandemic. With the variety of ever-changing restrictions imposed by various levels of governing bodies, the difficult yet important task of student-athlete recruitment has changed over the past year. Rather than relying upon in-person observations of sought-after athletes at tournaments and games, coaches must now rely upon highlight tapes, game films and if regionally permitted, streams of live competitions. “There’s been no face-to-face contact interaction by coaches with specific student-athletes,” said Mike Havey, Director of Athletics and

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A New Look for Lancer Men’s Volleyball

by: Derek Marshall The Lancer men’s volleyball team taking the court, should there be a season beginning this September, is projected to be vastly different than the team that left the court last February. It has been nearly one year since their last competitive match, which equates to one entire season of competitive play forgone for the team. Coach James Gravelle and former team captain and first-team all-Canadian Pierce Johnson agreed that had the team been able to compete in the 2020-21 season, they were optimistic about their chances for victory. “It was looking to be one of our stronger

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