Opinion: A New Opportunity: Establishing a Relationship Between CMF and Lancer Athletics

by: Justin Peters  There is a dearth of on-campus media coverage for Lancer varsity teams, and it needs to be addressed. The University of Windsor campus community deserves quality coverage of varsity sport. If it weren’t for the news pieces written by students in Dr. Craig Greenham’s Newsroom course that supplies content to the Lance, students wouldn’t be plugged into our sports scene. This year is a bit of an exception, given that our Lancers are not actively competing. Moving forward, however, students should make the most of our opportunities to provide and consume coverage. As vaccines become more widely

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Lancer Quarterback Set to Showcase Talents at Upcoming CFL Combine

by: Justin Peters With the Canadian Football League (CFL) combine right around the corner, Lancer quarterback Sam Girard is poised to prove why he is the top Canadian quarterback available in this year’s draft. As an Academic All-Canadian, Girard is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Kinesiology. Based on his commitment to both his academic studies and his athletic gifts, Girard has what it takes to be successful at the professional level. Lancers head coach Jean-Paul Circelli lauded his pivot’s work ethic both on and off the gridiron, mentioning how Girard leads by example. Circelli highlighted how Girard exerts considerable

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Black History Month: A Time for Appreciation, Education, and Celebration

by: Justin Peters The month of February brings cold weather and a much-needed reading week. But more importantly, February ushers in a focus on Black History throughout the University of Windsor campus and the greater community. During the month, groups and teams within the Lancer community possess one common goal: to promote on-going learning about Black History and culture. Sharing history and culture is important. It helps to facilitate a deeper understanding of one another and allows individuals to connect on a socio-cultural level. Thus, Black History Month is incredibly important at the University of Windsor and the greater Windsor

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The New Home for Lancer Recreation: The Inside Scoop on the $73 million Project

by: Justin Peters  Despite the delays, deferrals, postponements and cancellations the University community has faced as a result of the pandemic, construction on the Lancer Sport and Recreation Centre (LSRC) is well underway and could provide some much-needed optimism for students, staff and faculty. The inauguration of the $73 million athletic centre is set for spring 2022. The development of the LSRC experienced a 27-day delay at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March, but has since made up for the lost time and is expected to open its doors to the public in May of 2022, on schedule.

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UWindsor Athletics Take Aim at Breast Cancer with the Shoot for the Cure Initiative

by: Justin Peters Shoot for the Cure is a favourite cause of the University of Windsor’s varsity teams and their efforts have banked $1,000 already with hopes of a substantial donation for 2021. Elisa Mitton, the Sports Information Coordinator for the University of Windsor, says the initiative has gained traction and become a more common cause based on the growing understanding that this type of cancer doesn’t impact women alone. “We have grown the event to include not only our women’s basketball team but seven of our varsity teams,” Mitton said. “Breast cancer doesn’t only affect women who have been

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