Richard Moon: UWindsor Law Professor and conspiracy aficionado

by: Rowan Dunne In a compelling interview regarding conspiracy theories and misinformation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic on February 26th, I spoke with Richard Moon. Moon is a Law Professor at the University of Windsor and a renowned author on the subjects of freedom of expression, religious freedom, and conspiracy theories. He is also currently editor-in-chief of the Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice.  In September last year, Moon published a written piece in the Literary Review of Canada entitled Language Barrier: The life of a conspiracy theory. In this written segment he discussed the psychology behind the prominence of conspiracy

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An interview with the UWindsor Campus Physician

 by: Rowan Dunne In an interesting interview on Microsoft Teams with Dr. Matt Scholl, I had the chance to gain insight into the perspective of a medical professional regarding misconceptions and conspiracy theories surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.  Topics covered in the interview included the danger of an apathetic mentality about the virus, the viability of rules and regulations implemented by the government in Canada, and the tendency of many to drift toward believing in some whacky theories which do not align whatsoever with scientific evidence during times of uncertainty. Dr. Scholl stated, “public health measures, we have to put those

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The Disenlightenment? Skepticism and Preposterous Claims in the Digital Age

By: Rowan Dunne Anti-vaxxers, flat-earthers, believers that shapeshifting reptiles rule the world! We aren’t just living in an era of high skepticism, it seems there’s no limit to the outrageous concepts and theories some people will believe these days. This semester I will be looking into what underlies the incredulity that seems to be pervasive in contemporary society. It is an especially timely topic given the COVID-19 pandemic and reactions to the measures imposed to counter it such as lockdowns, mask-wearing, and social distancing. Why given, all our scientific knowledge and capacity to acquire and crunch data are we so

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Renaming Macdonald Hall: Progressive or a disservice to our national history?

By: Rowan Dunne The name of 'Canada's first prime minister could come down from a University of Windsor student residence. Advocates of the renaming of Sir John A. Macdonald Hall view Macdonald's character as questionable and his decisions during his term of leadership to be deplorable. A UWindsor alumnus launched a petition who believes that the name of the hall should be changed because he does not feel that Macdonald was a respectable man, primarily due to his involvement with the creation of the residential school system and the oppression and abuse of Indigenous people. The petition's success and the

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