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Invisible Disabilities and Postsecondary Education

Photo of Carlin Miller, Ph.D. She came to the University of Windsor in 2006 after a three-year clinical research post-doctoral fellowship in New York City.  Dr. Carlin Miller a professor in the Department of Psychology and Behaviour, Cognition and Neuroscience at the University of Windsor says UWindsor supports students with invisible disabilities. “Faculty receive a letter listing accommodations the student is entitled to and there is a contact person for each student. If faculty need more information, they can contact that person. Also, there are multiple mental health providers on campus who can provide consultation to faculty members as they

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University of Windsor graduates embrace graduation as they begin to prepare for their life after university

(Photo by: University of Windsor, official Facebook Page) The end of university signifies the dissolution of a framework students adhered to for four years. Students now have the freedom to create new goals after graduating, which presents them with a fantastic opportunity to discover more about themselves. Natalie Cusinato, an honours English major student says she plans to attend the University of Windsor’s Law Program and hopes to practice law in the Windsor-Essex community. “I am excited to learn about all areas of law throughout my law school career but I am mostly interested in family law” Cusinato shares, “I

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University of Windsor students share their stories about the importance of International Women’s Day

Loveive Hall, a Communication, Media and Film student says International Women's Day and Women's History Month is a time to remember the importance of intersectionality and celebrate all women. "I tell women and students at Windsor to remember the importance of intersectionality and to continue to break the glass ceiling. Feminism should recognize the many factors that can shape a woman's everyday experience and reality. No woman should be left behind. Instead, we should try our best to understand that women's rights are not one-size-fits-all. We are all unique and beautiful in our own way." "Quinta Brunson broke the glass

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Is ChatGPT beneficial or detrimental to students and professors?

Dave Cormier, digital learning specialist and Nick Baker, Director of the Office of Open Learning explore ChatGPT and the impact of learning at the University of Windsor.  “AI generated content is here to stay and students need to learn how to use it ethically,” said Baker. Baker said New York City public schools were first to ban ChatGPT. “The ban is not going to make much difference; instead professors should teach students how to use it effectively.” “ChatGPT is a primitive version of what is coming. It has the potential to do to education, what the calculator did to math

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UWindsor Student is Making Period Product Accessible on Campus

Period Product Partner (PPP) aims to eliminate barriers for people who menstruate, including the monetary concerns that businesses face in trying to help make these products more accessible. They hope to join the community to partner with us to end period poverty. “I was fortunate to have grown up in a home where my access to period products was never a concern. Whenever I needed a product, they were available to me,” said Malott It all changed after my dad had a guest on his radio show speaking about Tampon Tuesday, a local fundraiser, said Malott. "My dad brought me to

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The Implementation of Brightspace – The New Learning Management System

The University of Windsor begins utilizing Brightspace, the new learning management system, to navigate academic-related tasks. Brightspace gives you access to the course materials and tools to communicate with your instructors, turn in assignments, and check your grades. It is easy to find and complete tasks using the learning management system. Nicole Magcaleng, an Engineering student, says the transition from the blackboard learning system to Brightspace was straightforward. “It was quite easy to transfer from Blackboard to Brightspace because of how simple the interface is. I am a 2nd-year student, I have been using Blackboard for a year, so while

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UWindsor Students Share Their Favourite Spots to Study on Campus

The University of Windsor has a number of places to study. On-campus and off-campus choices, as well as individual study and group study, depending on what works best for you. From popular cafés to undiscovered corners of academic buildings. These students reveal the top study spots at the University in preparation for the fall semester final exams. Leddy Library Leddy Library offers a range of study spaces. “My favourite campus study spot is in Leddy library in the West Wing on those leather couches”, says Nawal Jasey, a fourth-year English Literature and Creative Writing student. “I like to be a

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Check out the Womxn’s Centre – A safe haven designed for students on campus

The Womxn’s Centre is a University of Windsor Student Alliance (UWSA) service, providing a safe space and welcoming environment for people of all backgrounds and expressions. It has many resources for various programs and centers around Windsor that focus specifically on gender-based issues and support for women at all stages of life. The mission statement of the Womxn’s Centre: “Advocacy of the fundamental rights of womankind, to educate others on issues surrounding women and to promote and enhance the status of women.” The Womxn's Centre staff consists of 15 student volunteers The centre works alongside the Office of Sexual Violence

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