On our doorstep – local experts weigh in on the fallout of the Ambassador Bridge Blockade

University of Windsor expert panellists gathered to engage in an in-depth discussion of the Ambassador Bridge blockade in early March. They discussed health policy freedom of expression to political and economic ramifications.   Below are a few of the key points from the discussion:   On Health Policy, and whether the mandates were worth it.   Professor Bill Bogart commented about the difficulty of the vaccine mandates. At the time of the truckers' mandate (effective January 15, 2022), 90% of the truckers were vaccinated. The issues were raised by a determined, organized minority.  It still begs the question if the mandates were

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The Ambassador Bridge is now open following protests

The Ambassador Bridge is open after a week of protests. The Blockade ‘Dumb and Silent, we are led to slaughter like sheep.’ That’s what one sign read at a protest blocking Huron Church Road in Windsor. For 7-days, protesters blocked the largest international border crossing in North America, the corridor responsible for ¼ of all Canada-US cross-border trade.  Huron Church Road and other roads leading to the Ambassador Bridge were partially or fully obstructed by protestors. Windsor police and Campus Community police are present to monitor the situation. They have made themselves at home, several trucks, tents and portable toilets-

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