University of Windsor graduates embrace graduation as they begin to prepare for their life after university

(Photo by: University of Windsor, official Facebook Page) The end of university signifies the dissolution of a framework students adhered to for four years. Students now have the freedom to create new goals after graduating, which presents them with a fantastic opportunity to discover more about themselves. Natalie Cusinato, an honours English major student says she plans to attend the University of Windsor’s Law Program and hopes to practice law in the Windsor-Essex community. “I am excited to learn about all areas of law throughout my law school career but I am mostly interested in family law” Cusinato shares, “I

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Graduation in the Time of COVID-19

By Mitchell Stewart You’ve worked hard. You’re excited to start the next chapter of your life. It’s a big event. But this year, due to the pandemic, large social gatherings are banned, including graduation ceremonies. Bummer, right? 20-year-old Kassidy Mccubbin doubts convocation will be the same in the spring when she graduates from nursing at St. Clair College. “You don’t get that ‘I really did it’ feeling that you would normally get when you walk across the stage and be physically handed your diploma.” Mccubbin’s graduation ceremony is planned to be online. Maeve Dufor, 21, a UWindsor chemistry student who

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