Kinesiology and Athletics Combine for Rebranded Centre for Human Performance and Health

by: Shaun Smith The Department of Kinesiology, in both its sport management and movement science streams, has long worked with the Athletics and Recreation Services in research and a new on-campus initiative seeks to build on that history. In a project lead by Chad Sutherland, the Centre for Human Performance and Health (CHPH), seeks to formalize many prior informal and individual efforts to the benefit of both units. “This Centre is really Kinesiology’s focus on creating a healthier community,” says Sutherland. According to the Centre’s webpage, the CHPH offers a framework for multidisciplinary research, bringing together experts from a variety

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A Strong Demand and Little Supply: The University of Windsor’s Recreational Facilities in the COVID-19 Pandemic

by: Shaun Smith The regulations and policies put in place to curtail the spread of COVID-19 in Ontario has impacted everyone. For the university athletic staff, it has been a hard line between following the rules and accommodating the requests for facility usage. On one hand, there are the ever-present needs of the varsity coaches and their athletes. On the other, there are the responsibilities that the athletic department has toward the student community in general. Managing both of those groups has not been easy, but everyone has been understanding of the circumstances. “We are like any other facility in

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The New Home for Lancer Recreation: The Inside Scoop on the $73 million Project

by: Justin Peters  Despite the delays, deferrals, postponements and cancellations the University community has faced as a result of the pandemic, construction on the Lancer Sport and Recreation Centre (LSRC) is well underway and could provide some much-needed optimism for students, staff and faculty. The inauguration of the $73 million athletic centre is set for spring 2022. The development of the LSRC experienced a 27-day delay at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March, but has since made up for the lost time and is expected to open its doors to the public in May of 2022, on schedule.

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