Resilience in the Return: How Lancer Athletes are Preparing to Restart the Competition Season

Student-athletes can resume training. As of January 31, the province started to lift the lockdown restrictions; including the reopening of gyms. For over a month, both Lancer athletes, as well as athletes across the OUA, had to put a pause on their respective seasons as a consequence of the shutdown in late December. There was much uncertainty as to whether or not teams would even continue their seasons and if the work put in for half the year would be in vain. Alongside the announcement came the hope that the remainder of the season would go on as expected; however,

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OPINION: Table Tennis Should be a Varsity Sport

by: Derek Marshall When is the last time the University of Windsor, or U Sports for that matter, added a new competitive varsity sport to the lineup? No seriously, I’m asking, because I don’t know, and it is hard to pin down an exact date. Nonetheless, it is safe to say that it has been a while, especially considering the rate at which society is constantly evolving. To the outside observer, the university sports menu looks stagnant.  It feels like the same 12 varsity sport offerings have remained constant through time. So, it is time to mix things up. U

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Black History Month: A Time for Appreciation, Education, and Celebration

by: Justin Peters The month of February brings cold weather and a much-needed reading week. But more importantly, February ushers in a focus on Black History throughout the University of Windsor campus and the greater community. During the month, groups and teams within the Lancer community possess one common goal: to promote on-going learning about Black History and culture. Sharing history and culture is important. It helps to facilitate a deeper understanding of one another and allows individuals to connect on a socio-cultural level. Thus, Black History Month is incredibly important at the University of Windsor and the greater Windsor

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